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By Brian Jacques, Allan Curless

The murderous Rapscallion military is at the stream. Dealt a humiliating defeat via girl Cregga Rose Eyes, the Badger woman of Salamandastron, who nonetheless pursues them, the Rapscallions are heading inland to take a good higher prize: the peaceable Abbey of Redwall. The elite scuffling with unit of hares, the lengthy Patrol, is named out to attract them off. on the leading edge is the younger hare Tammo, the lead sword in a single of the main ferocious battles Redwall has ever faced?ready to struggle to the loss of life!

?[Jacques is] a masterful storyteller. . . . As within the different Redwall books, the combo of an soaking up plot, strong characterization, and exact description make the unconventional a page-turner.?
?The Horn Book

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Tammo sat down upon the ground. He rubbed his eyes and stared at his atmosphere in bewilderment. ‘What the . . . Who introduced me the following? ’ Arven sat beside him, pointing to the determine at the tapestry. ‘Martin the Warrior did, he had a message for us. ’ ‘Oh, y’don’t say, an’ what was once the message? ’ ‘You may still be aware of, buddy, ’twas you who introduced it! ’ ‘Me? I say, that’s a section blinkin’ a lot. I don’t bear in mind a unmarried factor. What did I, I suggest he, say? ’ Craklyn unfold her parchment in entrance of the younger hare. ‘Don’t fear, Tammo, I recorded each be aware. Martin the Warrior is the guiding spirit of our Abbey. In occasions of hassle he'll usually opt for somebeast to carry his message to us. you want to be a really distinctive creature for Martin to unmarried you out. ’ Tammo nodded absently as he scanned the parchment. ‘Hmm, by no means considered m’self as jolly good specified, marm. good day, Midge, it mentions you right here. It says, Manycoats will understand how. ’ Midge used to be a ways shorter than the opposite hares, yet none the fewer courageous. He laughed excitedly. ‘Hahaha! fantastic! It’s simply come to me in a flash, sure, I definitely do comprehend what t’do! ’ ‘Well bully for you, laddie dollar! ’ Perigord checked him rapidly. ‘But there’s no cause t’be worryin’ our buddies with much o’ balderdash. C’mon, chaps, all pop alongside an’ get a few shuteye now, it’s fairly overdue y’know. go away this to us, we’ll tackle the main points, wot! ’ Abbess Tansy nodded in contract. many of the Redwallers seemed fairly reluctant, yet one look from their Abbess informed them she was once in no temper for argument. Skipper, Foremole, Log a Log, Gurgan and the hares Arven, Craklyn and Tansy go into reverse to Cavern gap. as soon as there they made themselves cozy by means of the hearth embers. Perigord stirred the logs along with his sabre tip, announcing, ‘Speak y’piece, Midge. let us know what got here t’you in a flash. ’ The small hare did so with ease. ‘Listen, Martin stated that the conflict mustn’t ensue at Redwall, it’s acquired to be fought somewhere else, see! ’ Arven put the good sword at the hearth lintel. ‘That is smart. We wouldn’t stand a lot probability with over 1000 Rapscallions charging a collapsin’ south wall. What do you plan t’do approximately it, Midge? ’ ‘Here’s the wheeze, outdated chap. Damug Warfang, like every Warlords, is prob’ly very superstitious. good, what if an previous ragged soothsayer places a note within the ear of somebeast just about him? ’ Perigord frowned. ‘What variety o’ notice? ’ ‘Well, sah, the kind o’ notice tellin’ the place a conflict could occur an’ sayin’ how unfortunate ’twill be to seem upon Redwall Abbey until eventually the conflict is gained, an’ how the selected conflict place’ll be fortunate for a definite Rapscallion chief . . . ’ the most important shook his head at Midge’s quick-wittedness. ‘Enough, adequate, I’ve acquired the float now. good performed, Midge Manycoats! Spot of motion for you, younger Tammo; the rhyme says you’ve received to compliment Midge. Don’t fear, he’ll conceal you pretty much. ’ Eyes shining, Tammo clasped his dirk hilt. ‘Y’can depend on me, sah! ’ Perigord ruffled Tammo’s ears fondly. ‘Splendid! I knew i'll.

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