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By Christina Stiles

In liberating Nethus, characters of degrees 11-15 discover the machinations of Midgard’s God video game through turning into energetic individuals in its play.

Pawns. that's what we're. Pawns in a divine chess online game. The gods play video games of strength and deception of their heavenly geographical regions, relocating mortals at their whim. They ship us to battle, and infrequently to our deaths. They toss us apart after we now not end up helpful. the 1st gods have been made; they have been as soon as mortals who have been reworked through wellsprings of energy. what's made, in fact, might be unmade. Even these born to divinity can definitely die and an individual able to find such wellsprings can subscribe to the gods’ ranks. whereas those wellsprings might be areas of energy, they could even be the gods themselves—defeating even a lesser god releases “sparks” of divinity. One needs to in simple terms safe those “sparks” earlier than others achieve them.
—The nymph Thetis, in the course of her imprisonment on Cystoseira within the Western Ocean

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A DC 30 conception cost unearths a moderate bump within the tapestry that exhibits the door’s presence. on the other hand, a DC 15 wisdom (engineering) payment unearths that the room might be larger on its east part and, for this reason, that there's most likely a hidden passage someplace alongside that wall. B3. THE CULTISTS’ CAPTIVES (CR thirteen) learn the next: Rows of rusted, dingy cages—many approximately as tall because the excessive ceiling— populate this dank room. Eerie scratching noises, now not in contrast to these of a trapped boar, appear to be coming from the guts of the room. This room serves because the maintaining pens—effectively the dungeon—for the monsters and different creatures the cultists have trapped or captured. Creatures: moon-beasts are prisoners during this room, held within the center-most cages. in the event that they see the computers, they start scratching frantically. they've got no voice, yet desktops who converse telepathically pay attention: “Let us out! allow us to out! ” The cages conserving the moon-beasts are locked (DC 25 Disable equipment; hardness 10, 10 hp, holiday DC 26). If the computers unfastened the moon-beasts, they—not realizing whatever concerning the desktops’ strength alliance with Llexra—see them as simply extra overseas invaders. They assault the computers if they’re freed from their cages except a computer who speaks Aklo can converse with them telepathically. subsequently, a DC 32 international relations payment calms the moon-beasts. The DC drops to 22 if the computer mentions Llexra as an best friend. Moon-Beasts (2) hp 133 every one (Bestiary three) CR eleven B4. THE MOON GODDESS SEES ALL (CR thirteen) learn the next: Possessed of a chapel’s hush, this room is full of enforcing statues of ladies of varied a long time. Its partitions are lined in work of art depicting lavender-skinned Nightbringers vanquishing hordes of humanoid foes in a bloody conflict. Nightbringers chant and peer into ornate mirrors whereas seriously armored guards glance on. truly a room of worship in additional peaceable occasions, the Nightbringers are utilizing region to scry on their enemies. Creatures: the 2 Nightbringers staring at into mirrors are Nemea’s so much proficient sorcerers, and the 2 guards are their bodyguards. while the computers input the room, the sorcerers glare at them in fury, virtually as though they realize the social gathering. Nightbringer Guards (4) hp seventy two every one (see web page 30) CR 7 Nightbringer Scryers (2) Oread sorcerer 10 XP 6,400 CR nine 39 39 NE Medium outsider (native) Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 feet. ; belief +0 security AC 20, contact 12, flat-footed 18 (+4 armor, +2 Dex, +4 safeguard) hp sixty seven (10d6+30) fortress +4, Ref +5, Will +7 protecting skills withstand acid five MIDGARD stories OFFENSE velocity 20 toes. , burrow 30 feet. Melee dagger +7 (1d4+2/19–20) distinct assaults elemental blast (1/day, 20 toes. radius, 10d6 acid [DC 18 Reflex half]), elemental ray (6/day, 30 feet. diversity, 1d6+5 acid) Spell-Like skills (CL tenth; focus +13) 1/day—magic stone Sorcerer Spells identified (CL tenth; focus +13) fifth (3/day)—fire snake (DC 19) 4th (5/day)—ball lightning (DC 18), elemental physique I, scrying (DC sixteen) third (7/day)—fireball (DC 17), lightning bolt (DC 17), security from strength, ray of exhaustion (DC 15), rimy nimbusDM (DC 17) second (7/day)—burning gaze (DC 16), darkness, fake lifestyles, hot ray, net (DC 14) 1st (7/day)—burning palms (DC 15), colour spray (DC 13), grease, mage armor, defend zero (at will)— acid splash, bleed, observe magic, discover poison, ghost sound (DC 12), mage hand, ray of frost, resistance, root Bloodline elemental (earth) strategies sooner than strive against The scryers forged mage armor and guard on themselves.

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