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By Robert Brockway

Just in case you idea you’d authorised your individual mortality . . . Everything goes to Kill Everybody is bringing panic again. Twenty illustrated, hilariously fear-inducing 
essays demonstrate the chilling and very actual experiments, harmful rising applied sciences, and terrifying typical failures that quickly couldor practically already didbring concerning the finish of humanity. in brief, every thing in the following will kill you and everybody you like. At any second. And nobody’s instructed you approximately ituntil now:
•   Experiments in eco-friendly power just like the HiPER, which makes use of enormous lasers to create a tiny “contained” sunlight; it’s an idea that can keep the area if it doesn’t eat us all in a fiery fusion response first.
•   worldwide failures just like the hypercane—a storm so huge it may conceal all of North the US and shoot trailer parks into space!
•   Terrifying new advancements in robotics just like the EATR, which powers itself on meatan invention within the working for “Worst choice Made via Anybody.”

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