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By Lois McMaster Bujold

A wealthy Komarran service provider fleet has been impounded at Graf Station, in far-off Quaddiespace, after a bloody incident at the station docks related to a safety officer from the convoy's Barrayaran army escort. Lord Miles Vorkosigan of Barrayar and his spouse, woman Ekaterin, produce other issues on their minds.

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After an extended pause, the herm endured, “To salvage the extra vital half, the proprietary bioengineering, I desire to take tissue samples and freeze them earlier than disposal. I shall additionally require a few gear for entire biomatter breakdown. Or entry to the ship's converters, in the event that they will not turn into overloaded with the mass i need to ruin. it is going to be a time-consuming and, I worry, super messy activity. i used to be considering, Portmaster Thorne—if you can't receive my cargo's unencumber from quaddie impoundment, are you able to not less than get me permission to stick aboard the Idris whereas I adopt its dispatch? ” Bel's forehead wrinkled on the terrible photograph the herm's tender phrases conjured. “Let's wish you are not pressured to such severe measures. How a lot time do you've got, quite? ” The herm hesitated. “Not greatly extra. And if i have to eliminate my creatures—the , the higher. i would like to get it over with. ” “Understandable. ” Bel blew out its breath. “There should be a few exchange chances to stretch a while window,” stated Miles. “Hiring a smaller, quicker send to take you on to your vacation spot, for instance. ” The herm shook its head unfortunately. “And who might pay for this send, my Lord Vorkosigan? The Barrayaran Imperium? ” Miles bit his tongue on both Yeah, convinced! or exchange feedback related to Greenlaw and the Union. He used to be purported to be dealing with the large photo, now not getting slowed down in all of the human—or inhumane—details. He made a impartial gesture and enable Bel shepherd the Betan out. Miles spent a number of extra mins failing to discover something fascinating at the vid logs, then Bel again. Miles close down the vid. “I imagine i would like a glance at that humorous Betan's shipment. ” “Can't assist you there,” acknowledged Bel. “I would not have the codes to the freight lockers. basically the passengers are meant to have the entry to the gap they lease, by way of agreement, and the quaddies have not to get a courtroom order to lead them to disgorge 'em. Decreases Graf Station's legal responsibility for robbery whereas the passengers should not aboard, y'see. you will have to get Dubauer to allow you to in. ” “Dear Bel, i'm an Imperial Auditor, and this isn't just a Barrayaran-registered send, it belongs to Empress Laisa's family. i'm going the place i'm going to. Solian has to have a safety override for each cranny of this send. Roic? ” “Right right here, m'lord. ” The armsman tapped his notation gadget. “Very good, then, let's take a stroll. ” Bel and Roic him down the hall and during the vital lock to the adjacent freight part. The double-door to the second one chamber down yielded to Roic's cautious tapping on its lock pad. Miles poked his head via and taken up the lighting. It was once a magnificent sight. sparkling replicator racks stood packed in tight rows, filling the distance and leaving purely slim aisles among. each one rack sat bolted by itself drift pallet, in 4 layers of 5 units—twenty to a rack, as excessive as Roic used to be tall. underneath darkened show readouts on every one, keep watch over panels twinkled with reassuringly eco-friendly lighting. For now.

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