Download E-books A Gateway to the Great Books, Volumes 1-10 PDF

By Mortimer J. Adler, Robert M. Hutchins

Gateway to the good Books is a 10-volume sequence of books initially released through Encyclopædia Britannica Inc. in 1963 and edited through Mortimer Adler and Robert Maynard Hutchins. The set used to be designed as an advent to the nice Books of the Western global, released by way of an identical association and editors in 1952. The set incorporated decisions - brief tales, performs, essays, letters, and extracts from longer works - by means of a couple of hundred authors. the decisions have been usually shorter and in many ways less complicated than the full-length books integrated within the nice Books.

Volume 1: creation; Syntopical Guide

* A letter to the reader
* Introduction
* Syntopical guide
* Appendices
o A plan of graded reading
o urged novels
o advised anthologies of poetry

Volume 2: creative Literature I

* Daniel Defoe, Excerpts from Robinson Crusoe
* Rudyard Kipling, "Mowgli's Brothers" from The Jungle Book
* Victor Hugo, "The conflict with the Cannon" from Ninety-Three
* man de Maupassant, "Two Friends"
* Ernest Hemingway, "The Killers" from males with no Women
* Sir Walter Scott, "The Drovers" from Chronicles of the Canongate
* Joseph Conrad, "Youth"
* Voltaire, Micromegas
* Oscar Wilde, "The satisfied Prince" from The chuffed Prince and different Tales
* Edgar Allan Poe, "The Tell-Tale Heart", "The Masque of the pink Death"
* Robert Louis Stevenson, The unusual Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
* Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), the fellow That Corrupted Hadleyburg
* Charles Dickens, "A complete and devoted record of the Memorable Trial of Bardell opposed to Pickwick" from The Pickwick Papers
* Nikolai Gogol, "The Overcoat"
* Samuel Butler, "Customs and critiques of the Erewhonians" from Erewhon
* Sherwood Anderson, "I'm a Fool"
* nameless, Aucassin and Nicolette

Volume three: resourceful Literature II

* Stephen Crane, "The Open Boat"
* Herman Melville, "Billy Budd"
* Ivan Bunin, "The Gentleman from San Francisco"
* Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Rappaccini's Daughter"
* George Eliot, "The Lifted Veil"
* Lucius Apuleius, "Cupid and Psyche" from The Golden Ass
* Ivan Turgenev, "First Love"
* Fyodor Dostoevsky, "White Nights"
* John Galsworthy, "The Apple-Tree"
* Gustave Flaubert, "The Legend of St. Julian the Hospitaller"
* F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Diamond as titanic because the Ritz"
* Honoré de Balzac, "A ardour within the Desert"
* Anton Chekhov, "The Darling"
* Isaac Singer, "The Spinoza of marketplace Street"
* Alexander Pushkin, "The Queen of Spades"
* D. H. Lawrence, "The Rocking-Horse Winner"
* Henry James, "The Pupil"
* Thomas Mann, "Mario and the Magician"
* Isak Dinesen, "Sorrow-Acre"
* Leo Tolstoy, "The dying of Ivan Ilyitch", "The 3 Hermits", "What males stay By"

Volume four: inventive Literature III

* Molière, The Misanthrope, The health professional inspite of Himself
* Richard Sheridan, the varsity for Scandal
* Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People
* Anton Chekhov, The Cherry Orchard
* George Bernard Shaw, the fellow of Destiny
* John Synge, Riders to the Sea
* Eugene O'Neill, The Emperor Jones

Volume five: serious Essays

* Virginia Woolf, "How may still One learn a Book?"
* Matthew Arnold, "The research of Poetry", "Sweetness and Light"
* Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve, "What Is a Classic?", "Montaigne"
* Francis Bacon, "Of Beauty", "Of Discourse", "Of Studies"
* David Hume, "Of the normal of Taste"
* Arthur Schopenhauer, "On Style", "On a few types of Literature", "On the Comparative position of curiosity and sweetness in Works of Art"
* Friedrich Schiller, "On easy and mawkish Poetry"
* Percy Bysshe Shelley, "A Defence of Poetry"
* Walt Whitman, Preface to Leaves of Grass
* William Hazlitt, "My First Acquaintance with Poets", "On Swift", "Of people One would need to Have Seen"
* Charles Lamb, "My First Play", "Dream kids, a Reverie", "Sanity of real Genius"
* Samuel Johnson, Preface to Shakespeare
* Thomas de Quincey, Literature of information and Literature of Power", "On the Knocking on the Gate in Macbeth"
* T. S. Eliot, "Dante", "Tradition and the person Talent"

Volume 6: guy and Society I

* John Stuart Mill, "Childhood and Youth" from Autobiography
* Mark Twain, "Learning the River" from lifestyles at the Mississippi
* Jean de los angeles Bruyere, "Characters" from A booklet of Characters
* Thomas Carlyle, 'The Hero as King" from On Heroes, Hero-Worship and the Heroic in History
* Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Thoreau"
* Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Sketch of Abraham Lincoln"
* Walt Whitman, "Death of Abraham Lincoln"
* Virginia Woolf, "The artwork of Biography"
* Xenophon, "The March to the Sea" from The Persian day trip, "The personality of Socrates" from Memorabilia
* William H. Prescott, "The Land of Montezuma" from The Conquest of Mexico
* Haniel lengthy, "The strength inside of Us"
* Pliny the more youthful, "The Eruption of Vesuvius"
* Tacitus, "The lifetime of Gnaeus Julius Agricola"
* Francois Guizot, "Civilization" from historical past of Civilization in Europe
* Henry Adams, "The usa in 1800" from background of the U.S. of America
* John Bagnell Bury, "Herodotus" from the traditional Greek Historians
* Lucian, "The solution to Write History"
* nice Documents
o The English invoice of Rights
o statement of the Rights of guy and of the Citizen
o The Virginia announcement of Rights
o The assertion of Independence
o constitution of the United Nations
o common announcement of Human Rights
* Thomas Paine, "A name to Patriots - December 23, 1776"
* George Washington, "Circular Letter to the Governors of the entire States on Disbanding the Army", "The Farewell Address"
* Thomas Jefferson, "The Virginia Constitution" from Notes on Virginia, "First Inaugural Address", "Biographical Sketches"
* Benjamin Franklin, "A inspiration for selling invaluable wisdom one of the British Plantations in America", "Proposals in terms of the schooling of youngster in Pennsylvania"
* Jean de Crevecoeur, "The Making of Americans" from Letters from an American Farmer
* Alexis de Tocqueville, "Observations on American lifestyles and Government" from Democracy in America
* Henry David Thoreau,"Civil Disobedience", "A Plea for Captain John Brown"
* Abraham Lincoln, "Address at Cooper Institute", "First Inaugural Address", "Letter to Horace Greeley", "Meditation at the Divine Will", "The Gettysburg Address", "Second Inaugural Address", "Last Public Address"

Volume 7: guy and Society II

* Francis Bacon, "Of formative years and Age", "Of mom and dad and Children", "Of Marriage and unmarried Life", "Of nice Place", "Of Seditions and Troubles", "Of customized and Education", "Of fans and Friends", "Of Usury", "Of Riches"
* Jonathan speedy, "Resolutions while I grow to be Old", "An Essay on sleek Education", "A Meditation upon a Broomstick", "A Modest idea for fighting the kids of eire from Being a Burden to Their mom and dad or Country"
* David Hume, "Of Refinement within the Arts", "Of Money", "Of the stability of Trade", "Of Taxes", "Of the research of History"
* Plutarch, "Of Bashfulness"
* Robert Louis Stevenson, "The Lantern-Bearers" from around the Plains
* John Ruskin, "An Idealist's Arraignment of the Age" from 4 Clavigera
* William James, "On a undeniable Blindness in Human Beings", "The Energies of Men", "Great males and Their Environment"
* Arthur Schopenhauer, "On Education"
* Michael Faraday, "Observations on psychological Education"
* Edmund Burke, "Letter to the Sheriffs of Bristol"
* John Calhoun, "The Concurrent Majority"
* Thomas Babington Macaulay, "Machiavelli"
* Voltaire, "English males and Ideas" from Letters at the English
* Dante, "On international Government" from De Monarchia
* Jean Jacques Rousseau, "A Lasting Peace in the course of the Federation of Europe"
* Immanuel Kant, "Perpetual Peace"
* Karl von Clausewitz, "What Is War?" from On War
* Thomas Robert Malthus, "The precept of Population" from inhabitants: the 1st Essay

Volume eight: typical Science

* Francis Bacon, "The Sphinx"
* John Tyndall, "Michael Faraday" from Faraday as a Discoverer
* Eve Curie, "The Discovery of Radium" from Madame Curie
* Charles Darwin, "Autobiography"
* Jean Henri Fabre, "A Laboratory of the Open Fields", "The Sacred Beetle"
* Loren Eiseley, "On Time"
* Rachel Carson, "The Sunless Sea" from the ocean round Us
* J. B. S. Haldane, "On Being the fitting Size" from attainable Worlds
* Thomas Henry Huxley, "On the family of guy to the decrease Animals", "On a section of Chalk"
* Francis Galton, "The type of Human Ability" from Hereditary Genius
* Claude Bernard, "Experimental issues universal to residing issues and Inorganic Bodies"
* Ivan Pavlov, "Scientific examine of the So-called Psychical approaches within the better Animals"
* Friedrich Wohler, "On the synthetic construction of Urea"
* Charles Lyell, "Geological Evolution" from the rules of Geology
* Galileo, "The Starry Messenger"
* Tommaso Campanella, "Arguments for and opposed to Galileo" from The safeguard of Galileo
* Michael Faraday, The Chemical historical past of a Candle
* Dmitri Mendeleev, "The Genesis of a legislation of Nature" from The Periodic legislations of the Chemical Elements
* Hermann von Helmholtz, "On the Conservation of Force"
* Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld, "The upward thrust and Decline of Classical Physics" from The Evolution of Physics
* Arthur Eddington, "The Running-Down of the Universe" from Nature and the actual World
* James denims, "Beginnings and Endings" from The Universe round Us
* Kees Boeke, "Cosmic View"

Volume nine: Mathematics

* Lancelot Hogben, "Mathematics, the reflect of Civilization" from arithmetic for the Million
* Andrew Russell Forsyth, "Mathematics, in lifestyles and Thought"
* Alfred North Whitehead, "On Mathematical Method", "On the character of a Calculus"
* Bertrand Russell, "The learn of Mathematics", "Mathematics and the Metaphysicians", "Definition of Number"
* Edward Kasner and James R. Newman, "New Names for Old", "Beyond the Googol"
* Tobias Dantzig, "Fingerprints", "The Empty Column"
* Leonhard Euler, "The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg"
* Norman Robert Campbell, "Measurement", "Numerical legislation and using arithmetic in Science"
* William Clifford, "The Postulates of the technology of Space" from the common-sense of the precise Sciences
* Henri Poincaré, "Space", "Mathematical Creation", "Chance"
* Pierre Simon de Laplace, "Probability" from A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities
* Charles Sanders Peirce, "The pink and the Black"

Volume 10: Philosophical Essays

* John Erskine, "The ethical legal responsibility to Be Intelligent"
* William Clifford, "The Ethics of Belief"
* William James, "The Will to Believe", "The Sentiment of Rationality"
* John Dewey, "The strategy of Thought" from How We Think
* Epicurus, "Letter to Herodotus", "Letter to Menoeceus"
* Epictetus, The Enchiridion
* Walter Pater, "The paintings of Life" from The Renaissance
* Plutarch, "Contentment"
* Cicero, "On Friendship", "On previous Age"
* Francis Bacon, "Of Truth", "Of Death", "Of Adversity", "Of Love", "Of Friendship", "Of Anger"
* George Santayana, "Lucretius", "Goethe's Faust"
* Henry Adams, "St. Thomas Aquinas" from Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres
* Voltaire, "The Philosophy of universal Sense"
* John Stuart Mill, "Nature"
* Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Nature", "Self-Reliance", "Montaigne; or, the Skeptic"
* William Hazlitt, "On the sensation of Immortality in Youth"
* Thomas Browne, "Immortality" from Urn-Burial

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Download E-books The Eyes of Venice PDF

By Alessandro Barbero

Venice on the finish of the 1500s is an unforgiving urban. The Doge principles with an iron fist and the Holy workplace harbors suspicions approximately every thing and everybody. Even the partitions have eyes. The Republic of Venice watches and listens, then passes judgment speedily and definitively. In a urban the place everyone seems to be assumed responsible of whatever, a tender stonemason by means of the identify of Michele has been accused of a criminal offense he didn’t devote. Afraid for his existence, he flees the town aboard a galley sporting gold coin, abandoning his younger spouse, Bianca. Banished from his domestic, Michele embarks on a sequence of striking adventures because the send he travels on stops in each port and on each island of the Mediterranean. with a view to live on this as soon as naïve and immature boy needs to speedy turn into a guy, one possessed of crafty, braveness and fortitude.


Bianca is still by myself within the merciless and treacherous Venice. She faces demanding situations which are, if something, much more tricky than these of Michele, and may come upon the entire terrors and mysteries that the labyrinthine urban holds in its blind alleys and slim passageways. and he or she, like Michele, will detect in herself a tenacious and indestructible will to outlive.

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Download E-books Tutti i romanzi PDF

By Virginia Woolf

Introduzione di Armanda Guiducci Edizioni integrali Questo quantity raccoglie tutti i romanzi della «più grande scrittrice d’avanguardia del Novecento europeo»: dalle leading turn out ancora influenzate dalle forme del romanzo storico d’impianto ottocentesco, fino alle opere della maturità, il lettore può seguire l’evoluzione di una personalità, di uno stile e di un pensiero inconfondibili. Parallelamente e insieme all’imporsi dell’indagine nell’interiorità del personaggio, si fa strada nella narratrice inglese l. a. conquista stilistica del “monologo interiore”, del “flusso di coscienza”, mentre il superamento dell’esteriorità dei modelli tradizionali di scrittura si accompagna alla precoce e dolorosa presa di coscienza della necessità di combattere il ruolo subalterno delle donne. Raggiungendo nelle sue pagine migliori los angeles profondità di Proust e Joyce, los angeles Woolf è oggi uno dei capisaldi della letteratura mondiale e l. a. massima rappresentante della scrittura al femminile. • los angeles crociera • Notte e giorno • l. a. digicam di Jacob • Mrs Dalloway • Gita al faro • Orlando • Le onde • Gli anni • Tra un atto e l’altro Virginia Woolf nacque a Londra nel 1882. Figlia di un critico famoso, crebbe in un ambiente letterario certamente stimolante. Fu a capo del gruppo di Bloomsbury, circolo culturale progressista che prendeva il nome dal quartiere londinese. Con il marito fondò nel 1917 l. a. casa editrice Hogarth Press. Grande estimatrice dell’opera di Proust, divenne presto uno dei nomi più rilevanti della narrativa inglese del primo Novecento. Morì suicida nel 1941. los angeles Newton Compton ha pubblicato Gita al faro, Una stanza tutta in step with sé, Mrs Dalloway, Orlando, Notte e giorno, l. a. crociera, Tutti i racconti e il quantity unico Tutti i romanzi.

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Download E-books Bedlam: A Novel of Love and Madness PDF

By Greg Hollingshead

An foreign IMPAC Dublin Literary Award Nominee

A Toronto Globe and Mail top e-book of the Year

Conspiracies, plots, and paranoia are sweeping via London within the final days of the eighteenth century, and James Tilly Matthews has been stuck below fake pretenses and locked up within the city's massive, crumbling asylum. As his spouse, Margaret, attempts desperately to unfastened him, political forces conspire to maintain him locked up. Margaret's leader adversary is John Haslam, the asylum's leader apothecary, a guy torn among his moral sense and the entice of clinical discovery: as James turns into extra famous--and extra unhinged--he turns into a worthwhile specimen for the younger health professional and a pawn in a grand political conspiracy. according to genuine characters and occasions, Bedlam is an excellent evocation of a urban teetering among darkness and lightweight, and a relocating learn of each type of madness.

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Download E-books The Contrarians: A Novel PDF

By Gary Sernovitz

Chris Kelch is likely one of the emerging stars on the downtown enterprise of Freshler Feld. At simply twenty-eight, he is a greatest fairness learn analyst; final yr, he pulled down approximately part one million funds. His female friend additionally occurs to be beautiful and supportive. Kelch's smalltown, single-parent, Midwestern roots look a ways at the back of, till a thinly veiled profile of Kelch runs in a sought after journal and issues start to disintegrate. not just does the piece display corporation secrets and techniques and forged Freshler Feld in a foul mild, it additionally makes Kelch suppose like a naif, for it unearths way more approximately his conflicted emotions approximately his prior and his task than he has admitted even to himself. With suspense and elegance, The Contrarians not just creates some of the most memorable "ordinary men" in fresh American fiction, it additionally examines, as no novel has performed prior to, the rise--and the seeds of the fall--of late-nineties Wall Street.

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Download E-books Ten Tales Tall and True PDF

By Alasdair Gray

A lecturer cornered in an embarrassing menage a trois, a Glaswegian Cinderella, and an incredibly talkative dentist all characteristic during this superb and unique number of tall stories from Alasdair grey, writer of Lanark, bad issues and The e-book of Prefaces.

Bringing jointly social realism, sexual comedy, technological know-how fiction and satire, Ten stories Tall and precise proves that fact is certainly

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Download E-books Snake Ropes PDF

By Jess Richards

Set on an remoted island off the Scottish coast, in a neighborhood run by way of girls who're in awe of a mysterious constitution referred to as the beating condominium, the radical is narrated by means of teenage ladies in very varied conditions. Mary is doing her most sensible to guard her more youthful brother, Barney, because the island's sons are mysteriously disappearing. Morgan is scheming to flee the legal her mom and dad have made from their domestic. the 2 women unite, every one on a determined challenge within which secrets and techniques can be printed and lives replaced without end.

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Download E-books Evergreen: A novel PDF

By Rebecca Rasmussen

From the prestigious writer of The poultry Sisters, a gorgeously rendered and emotionally charged novel that spans generations, telling the tale of 2 siblings, raised aside, trying to proportion a life.

It is 1938 while Eveline, a tender bride, follows her husband into the desolate tract of Minnesota. even though their cabin is rundown, they've got a river jam-packed with fish, a backyard out again, and a brand new child boy named Hux. but if Emil leaves to maintain his ailing father, the unthinkable occurs: a stranger arrives, and Eveline turns into pregnant. She offers the kid away, and whereas Hux grows up looking and fishing within the woods together with his mom and dad, his sister, Naamah, is raised an orphan. Years later, haunted by way of the data of this forsaken woman, Hux makes a decision to discover his sister and convey her domestic to the cabin. yet Naamah, even wilder than the wasteland that surrounds them, may possibly make it very unlikely for Hux to ever tame her, to ever make up for all that she, they usually, have misplaced. Set earlier than a backdrop of vanishing wooded area, this can be a luminous novel of affection, remorse, and wish.

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Download E-books Dog Days PDF

By Ana Marie Cox

It really is August in Washington, D.C., in an election yr. The Democratic conference has simply concluded; the Republican conference is simply a couple of weeks away. the elements is sizzling and hazy, humans depart paintings a bit previous, they usually drink a bit extra. A city that regularly turns out ridiculously comparable to highschool now begins to believe extra like summer time camp. And the lifetime of twenty-eight-year-old crusade staffer Melanie Thorton is set to veer wildly off beam.

Melanie has the task of her goals and the (married) guy of her desires. She's aiding to run the communications outfit of Democrat John Hillman's presidential crusade and she's having a romance with Washington's strongest political journalist, Rick Stossel. in a single of life's unsatisfied coincidences, a gaggle referred to as voters for transparent Heads emerges out of nowhere with scandalous information regarding her candidate whilst The Washington Post's gossip columnist starts calling her pals to attempt to smell out info of her affair.

whilst her global starts off to disintegrate, Melanie unearths herself prepared to sacrifice all of her long-held beliefs to maintain it jointly. while it falls aside besides, she has to discover how to make her personal lifestyles significant and depart the destiny of the loose international to another person.

Dog Days is a wry and horny tale of the younger movers and shakers in D.C.-the most attractive, idealistic, cynical, cutthroat, and hilarious characters you would ever are looking to take a seat subsequent to at a dinner party-from a classy new comedian voice who is familiar with her turf inside of out.

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